Top Tips to Cleaning Your Apartment Like a Pro

Are you shifting to your brand new apartments in North Bangalore? While shifting to a new house or apartment can be an exhilarating experience, maintaining its new-like features can be quite painful. The fresh paints might start withering with time, dirt & debris would start accumulating in corners and window sills, spider webs might get their new home in your aging home, and so more –all of these if you do not take proper care of your new apartment.

Cleaning your apartment might give you the illusion of a full-day exercise and tiring job. However, certain smart cleaning tricks might save you the efforts and pain. You can clean your entire apartment like a pro within some hours by following some simple tricks.

mittal elanza

Supplies Needed

To start off with your cleaning regime, you should be prepared with the essential cleaning supplies. This would ensure proper cleaning without you getting short of any item while doing the job. Since you would be cleaning different portions of your house and different surfaces, you would require various kinds of cleaning materials and supplies to achieve the desired results. Grab all possible supplies in advance. You might keep handy some cleaning essentials like multi-surface cleaning spray, paper towels, sponge, garbage bag, glass cleaner, vacuum cleaner, duster, and so more. With all the items with you, nothing can stop you from cleaning like a pro.

Living Room Cleaning Regime

If various items in this space belong to different sections of your house, then begin by placing them in the appropriate places. This would de-clutter the space to a greater extent and would make your cleaning work much simpler. The first thing to focus in the living room is the couch. Replace the cushions with new covers and dust the top surface of the couch upholstery with a dust brush or vacuum cleaner. Next, you should advance to the coffee table. Clean its surface well and stack all the items like magazines, books, and other decorative items properly. Clean the other furniture pieces too with the sponge and some cleaning spray.

Bedroom Cleaning Regime

You should start by gathering all your scattered clothes and other items and placing them at appropriate places in your house. Place all the trash including magazines, papers, and so more in a separate trashcan. You can recycle them later on. Once you have sorted the corners and bedside area of your bedroom, the room will start appearing cleaner. The next step should be to clean the bed. Change the bed sheet and keep only the pillows and cushions on the bed surface. The items that belong elsewhere should be placed at the right location.

Bathroom Cleaning Regime

This could be a tricky place to clean. Place all the dirty clothes in the laundry bag. Wipe the counters, sinks, and tubs using the wet sponge and cleaning spray. For the toilet, make use of the toilet brush and bathroom cleaning agent. Then, use the glass cleaner to clean the glass surfaces in your bathroom. Once the bathroom is presentable, swipe the floor clean.

Once you have bought your new flats in Yelahnka, then you should aim at keeping your dream home clean forever. These simple cleaning tricks would help you out in cleaning your home like a pro.



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