Welcome Monsoons with These Amazing Home Décor Tips

As the month of June approaches its end, every human being is overjoyed to welcome the monsoons after months of sweltering heat and humidity. Just as excited as you are about monsoons, it is imperative to ensure that your apartment is monsoon-friendly as well. In case, you are planning to purchase 2 & 3 BHK flats in Yelahankaand Apartments near Hebbal this monsoon season, then here are some great décor tips for your apartment to look the best this rainy season. Have a read:

mittal elanza

  • Take Notice of the Flooring: The wet season is here. And so is the time of mud and outside dirt entering your home. If you do not have a proper doormat at all the entrances of your home, then you need to take care of the same. You can bring home some neutral-toned doormats that are highly inexpensive and can do the purpose of keeping all the dirt and mud at bay. You must also remove or roll up the delicate Persian carpets and rugs to prevent them from the monsoon dampness. Jute, bamboo and acrylic carpets are moisture-resistant and therefore, can serve well as your monsoon carpets.
  • Drape it Well: The grey skies might sometimes seem too dull to cheer you up. In case, you are missing out the sun, then you should not miss any opportunity into bringing home the finest rays of sunlight by hanging light drapery into the windows and doors. You must put away all the heavy drapes that you had decorated to prevent the scorching sunlight during summers. Monsoons are the time to decorate your house with some lively and freshly-colored curtains and draperies all around your apartment.
  • Bring Home Some Natural Fragrance: Monsoon is the time to romanticize. The scented fragrances could infuse the right notion of romance into the air of your home as the rains pour outside. It all seems to be a dreamy setup. You can make it a reality by bringing home some scented candles and oils to set the mood right. With a myriad of exotic fragrances available, you can choose the best one for you as your preference. The citrus flavors along with lemongrass and lavenders are the best during the rainy times
  • Splash Some Bright Hues: The shades of black and grey are for the clouds and not for your apartment. You can shove them away by infusing some bright colors into your home décor. Go for including some fun and attractive cushions along with curtains and other decorative items in your apartment. The fun shades of orange, yellow, green, and blue are all perfect to accentuate the décor of your apartment this monsoon.
  • Keep Wetness Away from the Interiors: Try to designate a separate area at the entrance to store all the wet umbrellas and raincoats including smudgy footwear instead of bringing them to the interiors. You can go for keeping an attractive tall basket at a corner of the entrance to keep the umbrellas and raincoats. This would keep wetness outside the home and would also look equally classic.

Wish to make your apartment monsoon-friendly? You can make your apartments near manyata Tech Park or Apartments in North Bangalore ready for monsoons with these easy tips. Get ready to enjoy the rains!


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